I dedicate my work to helping others to listen deeply within themselves, and to express from a place of undivided wholeness. This creates a rhythm of offering and receiving unconditional love. And together we learn to extend this experience into all our other relationships, including the one with Mother Nature. ~ Liangyeh

  • "Music comes from such a deep place within you.  You must keep making it." ~ Meredith Monk (composer, singer, choreographer, Recipient of 2014 National Medals for Arts)

  • "I've watched this several times ... it transfixes me.  It's stunning, and sublime, and moves me deeply." ~ Candace R. (Tibetan cranial therapist)

  • "Your music is exquisite and stays with me ... what a powerful offering you give to all of us!" ~ S. Komalam (educator)

  • "Thank you so very much for your stunning presence ... you brought your soulful self and your music as well as the energetic field focus... for me, it was deeply healing. I will talk personally with the program director soon about the importance of your unique gifts of healing and what I consider to be the deepest source of comfort, solace and peace. We would love to have you back" ~ Ann M. (psychotherapist)

  • "During the workshop... I was able to make sounds that honestly reflected how I felt in my heart ... it was really liberating and freed me from thinking I 'cannot sing' ... it allowed me to connect deeply with the others in the room and experienced the mutual joy of singing together" ~ Nina Hausfeld (psychotherapist)

  • “I can’t tell you how much I liked your singing hike workshop. You combined the love and respect for nature, as well as your beautiful voice sharing the power of music. You created a very unique experience for the attendees and was able to make them feel comfortable at sharing their authentic voices." ~  Juanita E.(Spanish Interpretive Naturalist at City of Boulder)

  • “Liangyeh is a gifted singer, musician, and teacher who is here to help us open our hearts to the divine, heal ourselves, and remember who we are.  The experience of sound healing through the chakras was profound, and activated a palpable and immediate healing for me on the emotional and spiritual levels.  I would highly recommend this soul work to any one who is interested in music, voice and sound as a pathway to higher consciousness, and deep healing” ~ Janet Gelman (physician assistant & Waldorf parent)

  • “I experienced Liangyeh's sound meditation and healing during the stressful holidays season. Her work helped me to reflect on stress' toll on my body, and to observe different sensations without judgment.  This was done through guided external sounds and internal relaxation.  As a hospital nurse, I hope other people can experience this amazing woman's gift and her calming presence.  I know this program can help people sleep better, regulate their stress responses, and to heal.” ~ Abigail Cahalan (graduate nursing student at Yale University)

  • “Rediscovering piano playing with Liangyeh has been so refreshing. Her teaching approach is about returning to the present moment.  When I asked her how to overcome my fear of playing in public again, she eloquently responded: ‘Imagine you are playing for all the children in the world. Send that beauty and energy outward, and it will help soften your nervousness’.  With a kind and gentle presence, Liangyeh’ classes and meditations weave together sound and breath to create a rich environment of growth.” ~ Caterina Z (Fulbright scholar in Columbia)

  • “Liangyeh teaches music through the senses, using metaphors that are vivid with colors, animals, and landscapes to help her students grasp the energy of the music. She uses touch and movement helping students to feel the music from within their body, transmitting the somatic sense of how to make different musical qualities. She sees the unique gifts and potentials of her students clearly and is able to inspire discipline by allowing the student to feel they and their music are meaningful and recognized." ~ Eve Halpern (psychotherapist)


  • Liangyeh : conveys "compassion & shimmering light" in Mandarin.

  • Vocalist, pianist, composer, educator, embodied expression facilitator, healer.

  • Growing up in Taiwan, I studied both Chinese and western classical music.

  • After receiving graduate degrees from the Manhattan School of Music and the Hartt School of Music in the United States, I performed at the Chautauqua Music Festival in New York, the Barcelona International Music Forum in Spain, the Obidos International Music Festival in Portugal; the Prague International Piano Masterclasses in the Czech Republic.

  • During this period, I had a life changing experience of sitting next to a hospice patience and singing directly from the core of my being. This particular patient was transported by the sound and forgot about the intense pain that no drug could previously ease. I became curious and aware of the connection between sound and healing.

  • With the intention to facilitate individual and community healing through embodied vocal expressions, I began designing workshops for performing arts, educational and social health communities.

  • I helped design a program titled “Students Produced Operas” for the Santa Fe Opera Education Department, inspiring public school students in New Mexico to create original operettas, based on the structure of Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell.

  • I taught creative music workshops at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in New Mexico; Girls Inc.in Massachusetts; the Crochet Mountain Foundation and Hospital in New Hampshire.

  • As a regular faculty member, I taught at the MacDuffie School and the Community Music School of Springfield in Massachusetts; the Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences in New Mexico; and the Boulder Valley Waldorf School in Colorado.

  • At the Kripalu Institute in Massachusetts, I was certified as a Radiant Child Yoga Program instructor, created by Shakta Kaur Khalsa.

  • Also at Kripalu, I began studying the healing principles of Ayurveda, an ancient science from India.

  • Since 2006, my audio receptivity also led me to the study of various energy healing modalities with master healers from the US, Germany, & New Zealand.

  • I am deeply inspired by the action and teaching of international humanitarian, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, also known as Amma. I am equally grateful to teachers from other sacred heritages, whose wisdom continues to guide my life and work.

  • I love being in nature, dancing, traveling, writing, making collages; and I am passionate about healing food traditions from around the globe.

  • I currently reside in Boulder, Colorado, with my daughter and our cat.


The Love Rhapsody Collage

by Liangyeh (vocal & piano)

* Click STORE for download



upcoming weekend retreat at Reyah Sunshine Farm, Chimayo, New mexico (spring/2020) :

“restoring your sacred rhythm - breath, listen, sing, walk, eat”

I feel so much joy to collaborate with amazing friends at Reyah Sunshine Farm to bring you this retreat for deep healing, transformation, rejuvenation, and connection. 

This retreat is for you if you …

  • yearn to drop deeper into your “Beingness”, rather than experiencing yourself as a human doer and life as a speed train.

  • would like to explore and communicate your heart’s truth through embodied singing, movement, collage-making and story-telling.

  • desire to connect with the life force in Nature and be supported by Her nurturing power.

  • would like to reclaim your Inner Heart, access unconditional love and insight through this innate channel.

  • would like to integrate these embodied insights into your daily life .

  • are ready to re-commit to your self-care, which I call “Essence-care”.

  • would like to be seen, heard and recognized by an incredible community of heart-centered human beings.

  • would like to connect and heal together with Mother Earth.

    What you will receive from this retreat …

  • Healing tools to reclaim your body as an instrument of light and love.

  • Guidance and encouragement to navigate your own embodied expressive pathways.

  • Toning meditations and beautiful songs from around the globe.

  • Creative group singing and movement to experience the dynamic of giving and receiving.

  • Singing together with natural elements; such as trees, birds, insects, water, fire, earth, and space.

  • Creating a collage as the road-map to your “Essence-care” for your daily life.

  • Alignment practice with your Inner Heart to hear and follow your highest truth.

  • Camping under starlight in the fruit orchard on Reyah Sunshine Farm.

  • Nutritious meals prepared by Meghan Sparks, nutritionist-in-residence at Reyah Sunshine Farm with ingredients packed with life-force.

  • Optional private nutrition consultation with Meghan Sparks (extra cost)

  • More details on dates and cost will be coming soon …

Upcoming outdoor (8/4/2019) : "Singing with Nature's heartbeat - honoring the flow of giving and receiving”, BOulder, CO

This 3-hour singing hike is sponsored by the City of Boulder Open Space Mountain & Parks. Come and be held in the gorgeous setting of Sawhill Ponds in east Boulder.  We will listen to the Nature and to each other with open hearts, sing with joyous bodies, and explore movement improvisation with curious minds.  It is perfect to come by yourself to experience your relationship of giving and receiving with Nature, or bring a loved one to experience the flow of your connection in this setting.  This workshop is created to elicit relaxation, wonder, joy and gratitude. It is free and open to everyone from every age.  No previous musical experience necessary.  Just bring your water bottles! For registration and details, go to: https://bouldercolorado.gov/osmp/nature-hikes 

  • 8:30 - 11:30 AM on Sunday, August 4, 2019

outdoor (8/12/2018) : "Singing with Nature's heartbeat" - an afternoon event at the flagstaff trail, boulder, CO

This 3-hour singing hike will take place at the stunning Flagstaff Trail in Boulder.  We will begin with a simple breathing exercise to help us connect with our bodies, our voices, and Mother Nature.  Beautiful and yet easy-to-learn songs, reflecting nature’s beauty and bounty, will be taught throughout the entire hike.  Joyous and spontaneous vocal improvisations and soundscapes will also be created and woven into this experience.  This is a heart-opening opportunity to express our relationships with the landscape.  This event is sponsored by the City of Boulder Open Space Mountain & Parks. It is free and open to everyone and every age.  No previous musical experience necessary.  Just bring your water bottles! For registration and details, go to: https://bouldercolorado.gov/osmp/singing-heartbeat 

  • 3 - 6 P.M. on Sunday, August 12, 2018

  • we will meet at the parking lot of Flagstaff Trail off Flagstaff Summit Road, by the Nature Center.

Ongoing outdoor : “embodied singing in nature - Aligning with the source of life“

To practice embodied toning through awareness on the chakras (subtle energy centers in the body) and organs, in the setting of nature, is an incredibly empowering and healing experience. It calms the mind and relaxes the nervous system. Mother Nature holds a completely non-judgmental space for all our internal experiences. As this sacred and trusting connection is re-established within our own bodies, I also help participants to tune into various earth elements, such as trees, plants, animals, birds, insects, water and moon cycles; allowing musical motifs inspired by these elements to come through our bodies and voices. Various group vocal improvisations will be created to bring blessings and gratitude to Mother Nature, ourselves and each other. We will also learn earth-inspired songs from around the globe. We will be engaged in active listening, singing, walking, resting and reflection; aligning our heartbeats with nature’s own.

  • This can be a half day (3 hour) or whole day workshop (6 hour).

  • The fees are $55 per person for the half day, or $95 per person for the whole day.

  • Additional entrance fee into national parks or other designated areas may apply.

  • I also charge a traveling fee, depending on the distance and methods of travel involved.

  • The minimum group size is 4 participants.

  • For booking, please go to store.

ongoing indoor : Embodied voice for heart-centered empowerment & community Healing

This workshop is a safe space to get out of our restless minds and experience our voices, in connection with our own bodies. Through playfulness and focused awareness, we come together and drop the judgment toward ourselves and each other. We allow our Heart-centered voices to move forth into the world through sounds, chants, words and songs. It is an empowering and joyous event for creating harmony and supporting diversity within a community. Past participants reported deep relaxation, opening of the mind and heart as some of the benefits.

  • toning with the chakra centers

  • guided breathing and exploring different degrees of conscious listening

  • playing with various archetypal voices to break through projected limitations previously placed upon our voices

  • group singing and interactive play : call & response; singing while moving through space; mirroring; layering

  • exploring your narratives through fine tuning into the Heart frequency

  • landscape vs. soundscape : allowing improvised sounds and movements inspired by the environment to take place

  • experiencing sound as a continuum healing fabric in space

  • experiencing heart-centered connection with one another through our voices

  • For a 5-hour workshop, participants will also receive guidance in creating a group musical piece together

* Note: "singing better" is not the goal of this playshop, although it may very well become a natural result.  No previous musical experience necessary.  It's ok if you cannot sing "in tune". I'm much more interested in creating an engaging space for you to discover what you actually tune into while singing.

  • This is a 2-hour workshop at $40 per participant.

  • It can also be expanded into a workshop of 5 hours. The rate for a 5-hour workshop is $85 per person.

  • The minimum group size is 6 participants.

  • For booking, please go to store.

ongoing : "Earth Songs Collection"

Earth Songs Collection is a group of 5 songs I have composed, inspired by the landscapes of coral reef, desert of the southwest, and a massive orchids exhibition. The elements of improvisation and choreography are interwoven into these songs.  I would be delighted to share this collection with your vocal groups, preferably in person or through an online portal.     

  • Please contact me directly for details.

One on One:

Individual Music lessons in piano, singing, composition

I have maintained a private teaching studio for the past 15 years. I create a balance between nurturing each student's innate musicality and helping each to find the physical mean to achieve what one wishes to express.  I apply a multi-sensory approach to teaching, especially with younger students.  I also enjoy working with adult students through metaphors.  Above all, I care about connecting people with the harmonious power and freedom of music making. Twenty weekly private lessons are available for committed students.  

  • $50 for 45-minute lesson

  • $65 for 60-minute lesson

  • To register, please go to store and to contact me directly for scheduling

Live Music:

ongoing : piano MUSIC MEDITATION & poetry

“Music can help to recall memories, reduce agitation, assist communication, and improve physical coordination,” described in an article titled “Healing Through Music’, published by the Harvard Medical School. This Piano Music Meditation & Poetry program begins with a group toning, helping audience members to drop into a deeply relaxing space before receiving the musical and poetic inspirations followed. Music will be selected from compositions by J.S. Bach, Chopin, Robert Schumann, Debussy, Satie, Ginastera, Piazzolla, Claudio Santoro, original compositions, and more. Poetry by Rumi, Rabia and Mary Oliver will also be read in between musical pieces. I design this musical meditation according to the Ayurvedic principles, the season, time of the day, as well as the intention you hold for your event.

  • Performance fee: $250 - 850 according to the nature of your organization, the size of your group, and program desired. This includes an initial phone consultation to understand the nature of your event.

  • Please contact me directly for details.

ongoing : Commission music / creative COllabortation 

Please contact me directly if you are interested in commissioning original work.  I have written operettas, musicals; for dancers, storytellers; as well as for gallery events and private celebrations.  I also collaborate with artists from other disciplines, including the healing arts.  

Online Offering:

coming soon …